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I’m an artist and tattooer based in Fort Worth, Texas. I currently tattoo out of Fade to Black in downtown Fort Worth’s Near Southside district. I specialize in blackwork and illustrative pieces. I love doing anything based on natural elements, as well as anything nerdy and quirky!

I love all things anime, Harry Potter (I’m a Ravenclaw), Studio Ghibli, Tolkien, Star Wars, Comic Books..
My hobbies include reading (mostly nonfiction), watching documentaries, collecting rocks and geodes, small weekend adventures, and binging anime till my eyes hurt.
My other passion besides tattooing is science, mainly astrophysics and quantum mechanics. If I hadn’t pursued art, I would have pursued a career in science. I have a small personal library with an obsessive-compulsive book buying habit. I have had an interest in alternative history and ancient astronaut theory since I was 14, and have standing subscriptions with Planetary Report, Legendary Times, and the AASRA (Archaeology Astronautics & SETI Research Association). This obsession with the speculative and unknown soon led me to discover a love for science, space, and physics.

I hope to always be personable and provide a comfortable and connecting environment for those getting inked. I am and always will be LGBTQ+ friendly and open to connecting with people of all races, religions, blood types, hogwarts houses, etc. 😜 You are all welcome in my booth!
Getting tattooed should always be a fun and rewarding experience, and a good relationship with each of your unique clients makes all the difference! I hope to meet you soon!