Frequently Asked Questions!

here you can check some basic info that might answer any of your questions or concerns!

What are your working hours? When can I book appointments?

I tattoo Wednesday-Saturday 1pm-9pm. I will only book appointments for these days and times.

What is your hourly rate? Minimum price?

My hourly rate is $150. All custom tattoos are charged hourly. I always round down and do not keep the clock running for breaks or prep time. My minimum charge is one hour, $150.

How long have you been tattooing?

I did my first tattoo in September of 2016, 6 months into my apprenticeship, so I’ve been tattooing for 3 years.

What was your first tattoo?

My first tattoo was on myself! (Yes it hurts to tattoo yourself 😉) It’s a traditional style cockroach on my ankle, from a flash sheet that was above my first station. If you’d ever like to see it, I don’t mind.

Do you ever travel to tattoo?

I am hoping to do this more soon! Earlier this year I did a guest spot (what we call tattooing temporarily in another shop) in California at the lovely Gold Flamingo. I also frequent the local Texas tattoo conventions. I am hoping to start doing more out-of-state conventions and guest spots soon! When I do, they will get posted on my instragram!

Will I get to see the design beforehand?

Due to the high volume of appointments I have each week, I am not able to have designs viewable much in advance. Tuesday’s are typically the day I spend drawing for each appointment that week, somewhere between 6-8 people’s designs. Depending on the complexity, I may have to do more drawing through the week. All designs will be ready when you come in for your appointments, and changes can be made then if needed. If it’s absolutely necessary you see the design beforehand, I will do my best to accommodate.

Can I get the price at the time of booking?

Unfortunately, no. Since I work hourly, I can only estimate how long a piece will take, and I can’t get an accurate estimate until the design is drawn and the size and placement are decided upon. This won’t be until the time of the appointment. I do have a price guide on my booking page that shows you what price range you will probably be in depending on the size of tattoo you want. This is a very broad range, so I always suggest saving enough to pay the higher end estimate just in case. Since I book a few months in advance, it leaves time to save up the funds. I am also very understanding of budgeting and booking multiple sessions to do so.

Do you ever charge a flat rate?

All of my predrawn available designs have flat rates for their respective sizes and styles. These are the drawings that show up on my booking page, and are on the cork board at my station. All custom work is hourly.

For large custom work I have a flat DAY RATE of $800. This is a full day 1pm-9pm to get as much done as we can on larger 10-12+ inch pieces. These full day sessions come in handy when getting things like half sleeves and wrap arounds that will always take 2-4 full price sessions anyway.

How do I book an appointment?

I only take appointments through my website during the booking window. I only book 2-3 months at a time so once they are full, I close my books. My booking page will let you know if they are closed and when they will open again. If any openings come up, I post them on my Instagram story.

What are your favorite and least favorite things to tattoo?

These things change pretty frequently as I progress in the styles I practice and find new exciting things that pique my interest. If you’d like to see what subject matter I enjoy most and the things I’m trying to take a break from, go to my booking page! I have them all written there and will update it periodically.

Do you ever take walk ins?

The only time I take walk ins is during a shop flash event. Otherwise, I am appointment only.

Will I need to leave a deposit to book an appointment?

Yes! Unless I say otherwise, ALL appointments require a deposit of $50-$100 depending on size and time needed. This will be paid via an invoice that will get emailed to you once a date is decided upon for your appointment.

Why do I need to leave a deposit? Is it refundable?

Deposits are nonrefundable, these go toward drawing and prep time for artists and saves your time slot for your appointment. Paying your deposit is an acknowledgment of this “contract” between artist and client and your commitment to showing up to your appointment. Deposits are included in the final price.

What happens if I cancel my appointment last minute?

If you cancel your appointment within 72 hours you will forfeit your deposit and need to leave a new one to rebook. If you cancel with enough time in advance that I can fill the spot, your deposit will be honored for a reschedule. 

If you cancel last minute THREE TIMES, I will ask that you find a new artist to work with. These appointments are our livelihood, and to cancel last minute is jeopardizing our ability to pay bills and take care of our family. No matter the reasoning, we can’t afford to keep scheduling a client who doesn’t respect our time.

What happens if I no-show my appointment?

If you no-show, as in giving no advance notice before not showing up to your appointment, you will forfeit any deposits. I will request you find a new artist and will not book further appointments with you. Sending an email, an instagram message, calling... any of those things are easy to do, more respectful, and are all preferred over ghosting your artist.

What do you recommend for aftercare?

I will have a few options for you after your tattoo is finished, and I always go through aftercare as thoroughly as possible at the time of the apt. I do carry SANIDERM, a fairly new aftercare product which I will recommend and offer as a free service. Feel free to look it up beforehand and see if you’d like to try it out. We also carry a whole line of VITALITREE all natural aftercare products, including soaps, vegan salves, and lotions that can be purchased with your tattoo. I absolutely love this brand and will always recommend it for longevity of your tattoo, even after it’s done healing. The lotions, if used frequently, keep everything nice and bright years after you’ve gotten it. I will also recommend other drugstore brand products and give you a timeline of the healing process and what to expect. I will be especially, annoyingly thorough if it is your first tattoo and encourage any questions that will help you take better care of your artwork!